Cfnm Story About Interracial Girlfriends

My best friend Mandy was visiting me for tea this afternoon when my boyfriend Van decided to stop by after work. Mandy was so happy that she could finally meet him in person as I told her a lot about Van and shown her pics of his muscular body. Knowing about my dirty side, she hoped that she could do a little more than see him! I told her that Van is into trying new things. She understood what I meant and we planned to seduce him. He walked into the kitchen and was really glad to be greeted by two hot girls. He noted how sexy we looked and I knew it began. Before he even sit down I started taking off his shirt to expose his chest to Mandy who was so excited that she couldn’t help but lick his nipples. It was obvious where things were going, and without saying a word she was between his legs unbuckling his belt and massaging the bulge. “You should invite your friends over more often.” Van said …

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Dominatrix Dates

I haven’t met a single guy who hasn’t been fascinated by the horny dominant woman after watching a femdom video. These gorgeous bitches acting as goddesses can drive anyone crazy with their forceful actions. Such powerful skilled at handling hard dicks and assholes women can get very dangerous. They would tease you to exhaustion and make you feel ashamed of yourself at the same time. The dominatrix dates have made it possible for everyone to experience the great joy of getting treated as a slave while being dominated by a horny woman like that in safe manner. Online dates let you enjoy the exclusive dominatrix session without being afraid for your life.

Pure Cfnm Story About Nude Photo Shoot

Jody arrives at Poppy’s photo studio a bit nervous as it’s his first shoot. While he is changing clothes Poppy amazed by his parameters rings her close friends up to invite them over to share the view! Jody is embarrassed at having just his white underwear that exposes his bulge which Poppy is staring taking close-up pictures of!

Soon Alyssa and Teegan arrives, and Jody gets embarrassed even more - especially when Poppy mentions that it is a nude photoshoot. Girls get shocked by the size of the cock when his pants goes off. They begin to play with it and Alyssa even gives it a kiss. All three are taking turns at kissing, jacking and sucking him, causing Jody to blow his cum load over Teegan’s big tits.

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Cfnm Story Happened On Massage Table

It began like an ordinary day. I had decided to get a massage for my neck, which was sore from painting the house last week, it was about to kill me. I came to massage therapist absolutely unsuspecting of what were about to happen. “Just a moment!” I heard receptionist’s voice from the room. “Alright” I said as I walked in and sit on massage table. Then that hot woman entered the room. She was a long-legged redhead with petite frame. “So you are here for a massage today?” She asked. I told her about my neck and how it hurts since last week. “We’ll work it out for you…” She smiled as she was about to tell me what sort of massage packages they have. A basic, reversal and happy ending; of course I couldn’t turn down any of them. “I’ll take all three packages!” I said. She waved to someone to enter the room. It was a sexy babe with great boy who came in. “Jane is your masseuse!” The receptionist introduced her to me. That’s where I caught myself fantasizing both of them working my dick. …

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Cfnm Over The Phone Sex Story

Jason’s girlfriend is away on work when he starts to feel horny and calls her, so both end up having phone sex. Suddenly, his housemates return home early from the party and hear moans coming down from the back of the house. They jump on him and laugh like crazy when they see him jerking off his dick and talking naughty over the phone. They get around him and grab his dick and touch balls while he is still on the phone. Jason has no choice but to continue conversation so his girlfriend won’t suspect anything. The five girls take turns in playing with his dick! His girlfriend having an orgasm on the other end of the line which causes some laughter from the girls who stoke Jason’s cock until he cums on his stomach. They then leave and Jason finishes his talk with the girlfriend who didn’t know what happened …

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Humiliation In Jail Cfnm Story

I often find it hard to keep my hands to myself. And being such a sex-pervert, I understood that I might get arrested for sexual harassment. The officer who caught me was a big breasted brunette chick Officer Taylor. She was strict and powerful. I sort of enjoyed it, to tell the truth. I was cuffed and forced into an area with cell. “Come on, get in.” Taylor commanded as she led me into the cell with two sexy chicks. “What had he do?” the one asked. “He molests women.” Officer Taylor replied as she shut the door behind me. “He likes to touch them everywhere he goes. But not here! He is all yours, girls.” ‘What?’ I exclaimed ‘What did she mean? And what are they going to do to me?’. But being a sex horny guy I usually am I started fantasizing different actions which may happen in this situation. What I didn’t know is that all my sexual desires were about to come true. …

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Pure Cfnm Story About Hitchhiker

Jane and Emma spot a hitch-hiker on side of the road, a nice looking guy whom the decide to pick up. They continue driving down the road but when he falls asleep they turn into the forest and get into the middle of some field. After that girls woke him up and drag him out of the car, before making him strip naked for them. He refuses but soon after realizing the prospect of staying alone in an unknown place he reluctantly agrees. Both girls get overwhelmed with excitement when they see his big dick, which they start groping straight away. Girls lie the guy down so they could have a play with his dick and balls. They jerk him to orgasm which impresses the girls so much that they actually decide to give guy a lift …

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Strip Poker Story From Cfnm Site

One night I returned home to see all of my roommates who are all hot chicks playing poker. I didn’t plan much for tonight so I decided to join them in however I wasn’t good at poker I should say. There was only one thing I didn’t initially know about. It was a strip poker game. ‘That’s great!’ I thought as I haven’t seen any of the girls naked yet. So I knew it would only be the matter of time until I see them three nude. The plan was great, but the game went wrong. After a few rounds I realized that these girls were professionals and suspected it was all set up to make me strip for them. “Alright! Take you shirt off!” My roommate Lily demanded. So they three sit on the couch and watched me getting naked. Dez explained the next game. “So we all have to draw a card and the one who has the highest card will get to jack Mike off.” I liked the rules. …

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Blue Balls The Pure Cfnm Story

Wendy’s beloved son returns from his first date with new girlfriend and explains to mom that the girl was a real teaser who got him all excited then left him with blue balls. Wendy hasn’t heard of this condition before and after explanation she insists on her son’s showing it to her. James feels uncomfortable about showing his tools to his mother but she pulls his pants down and starts inspecting his balls. Just when her friend Jan whom she invited for afternoon tea walks into the kitchen and is stunned to see her son without his trousers. She turns out to be an expert in blue balls curing and before James realizes what goes on he stands half-naked in front of two older women who start jerking his cock. Suddenly door opens and two more of mom’s female friends comes in time for tea. They are also shocked for a moment at what they see but soon amazed by the size of James dick decide to join in. …

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Cfnm Story About Two Cocks Measuring

My love Donna and I were hanging out at my place last weekend with my mate Joe and his girlfriend Lisa. It was an ordinary afternoon, we were in the living room talking about this and that while thinking what we could do for couples night. “So how was that Friday night out?” I asked the girls. “Oh we bumped into group of jerks. They were so full of themselves, talking about the size of their cocks and how much each of them can cum.” My buddy noted that if they had come with us, they wouldn’t had to deal with anything like that. Both girls laughed and said that they will be taking us next time on their escapade. “I’ve never felt like talking about my dick in public.” I admitted and then it was Lisa who started what turned into the night we all remember with her phrase “So what about your boyfriend’s cock?” …

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