Black Warden White Prostitutes Cfnm Story

As if one prostitute giving me shit wasn’t bad enough, last night I had three of them in the cell. They were unbearable. As soon as one stop squawking another would begin! At first they were just throwing something like “Hey piggy-piggy!” which I heard before and used to, but the more I ignored them the more they thought I didn’t want to see what they have under their clothes… They even called me gay at some point and that was the last thing, I just couldn’t bare it anymore, so I went to the cell to see what they want to show me so much… That was a mistake! Before I knew it those chicks distracted me with round ass and the next moment I found myself handcuffed to the cell. They tore my uniform apart and started to grab, poke and slap me. But as soon as they saw the size of my cock their attention switched to it…

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The Medical Cfnm Site Story

I was heading for a regular medical check-up. Little did I know that it would come out so much different than that. It was like I was in a dream fantasy of my own. When I walked into the examination room, I was greeted by a couple of young nurses. Both were extremely hot. One was a sexy chick with pale white skin and beautiful face, the other was exotic babe with long black hair. They introduced themselves as Sherri and Persia. Sherri asked me to take off my T-shirt to check my heart beat. I felt cold stethoscope against my chest and heaved heavily as they told me to. I could tell they were impressed by my forms as I saw their eyes gazed down my body. Persia placed the tongue depressor into my mouth, and instructed me to cough. They made me saying “Ahh” so loudly as if I was moaning for them. “This seems different.” I said. “Different? We are doing our job.” They both replied as professionals. They seemed very cool, I didn’t care what they are going to do with me. Sherri had me pull my pants down to examine my prostate and that’s where I heard them whispering: “He’s cute, I think we should get him nude.” …

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Cfnm Erotic Clips At The Tube

Enjoyed sexual stories on this site and now in the mood for something a bit more stimulating to indulge your visual senses with clothed woman nude man scenes? Than check out the following cfnm channel which offers just what you are after. It has plenty of movie clips with hours of pure cfnm footage that varies from parties with exhibitionistic naked men entertaining naughty clothed chicks to more amateur footage where abusive female clerks take advantage of their vulnerable male co-workers and ridicule them for having little penises that they consider good enough for nothing else but making fun of them together…

Zombie Handjob Cfnm Max Story

Growing up I was told that zombies feed up on human BRAINS! But when my friends and I met one face to face we found out that brains aren’t the only thing that will satisfy a zombie. It was following us through the alley at night until we came to a wall. I hiked up my top to hide my face from the horror and seems like a view of my big breasts in lacy bra stopped him. Alexa quickly realized what was happening and turned her back to expose her beautiful ass to the zombie. At this point zombie was defeated, it forgot about his desires. That gave us enough time to back him into a corner, pull his pants down and get in control of his cock. We were the only ones now craving for his semen while stroking his hard cock as fast as we could before he would get in his natural state again…

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French Student Returns Pure Cfnm Story

Ashleigh’s mom is shocked when she learns what her beloved daughter did to visiting their house French student. And although Ashleigh is not at home, she described the size of Julien’s dick to her older sister Laura who while explaining to her mother what happened pulls down his pants to show it to her. They are both stunned at the sight of Julien’s big cock before telling him to get it to full length for them to see. Again, he doesn’t know about English women behavior so he is prepared to do what he’s told. Laura’s mother enjoys playing with young man’s manhood and with their help it is not long before he shoots his load all over the floor for them…

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Cfnm Max Story About Roommate

I was chatting in the living room with my friends Bonnie and Susan. We had some time to kill before going out for the night. The girls were discussing Cfnm experience they had with roommate Buck whom they caught browsing through sex toys in their cabinet. That was a time for revenge and they decided to jack him off. But since that had happened they have felt a bit guilty, because they expected him to walk in especially when one of them were in the shower or changing. So the girls wanted to make up for it and give him another handjob. I was all for it, Buck seemed to be really attractive. However, we were not sure if he’d agree on another jack off session when Susan shouted “Hey, BUCK!”. “What?” He replied from the back of the house. “Would you come here for a second?” We looked at each other and giggled. A moment later, Buck walked into the room, wearing nothing but his fire red shorts…

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Mummy’s Boy Pure Cfnm Story

Elliot goes to the kitchen for breakfast same as every morning. Accidentally his sister spills orange juice on his pants and his mother asks him to take them off so she can clean them. Elliot is embarrassed at having to remove his trousers in front of his sister. He is soon back at the table and his sister trying to see his dick. She later demands him to show it to her and start jerking it or she will tell their mother that he hiked her skirt up. Elliot is left nothing to do but musturbate in front of his sister and he continues to do it even when their mother returns to read a newspaper. Eventually his mother notices what goes on but decides to see what her boy can do. Elliot cums in front of them two!

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Truth Or Dare Cfnm Max Story

My best friend Helena has just arrived home and I was very glad to see her. I hadn’t seen her for long, because she had been out travelling, and I stayed home for work. She started telling me how she had a great time and met this guy she had a little affair with. I told her about nice guy who just moved in next door before Helena left. Helena said she bumped into him a few times already and she really liked him. I told her I seem to have a crush on him and Helena suggested we call him over to my place to get to know him better. I was really nervous about it at first but it was too late as Helena was dialing his number. He answered and Helena invted him over to spend time with us. “Yeah, it’s just me and Amira” She said. She also added that the front door would be be open for him to get in. He accepted the offer just like that. I was so stunned that this guy was coming. “He’s all yours.” Helena geneorously said. “Well, maybe we can play with him a bit.” I suggested. Helena liked the idea, so we were both looking forward to his arrival. “Hello” we heard a men’s voice heading from the living room. “It’s Troy!” …

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Birthday Girl and Male Stripper Cfnm Story

“That’s unbelievable! 21!” said Dee as we drink our white wine. My two close friends Dee and Bria came to celebrate my 21st birthday at my place. Dee prepared a special present for me, so I was looking forward to see what it was. “What is it?” I asked. “I can’t tell you just yet!” Dee replied. Shay and Bria told me that I should wait and the ‘present’ would arrive soon. And soon it did. “HERE IS YOUR PRESENT!” Dee walked in, followed by a big muscle guy. I was amazed, I couldn’t believe they brought me a male stripper for the birthday! I was so shocked I sat on a chair and put my wine glass aside. The male stripper began to undress. My friends started whistling at him. “Take it off!” they said. And take it off, he did. He removed his jeans, revealing his tight ass and cock to us. We made him sit on the chair while we stood around him. We took the whipped cream out of the fridge to use on him. Dee and I licked whipped cream off his chest as he played with out breasts. Dee grabbed some oil and I began stroking his hard dick while girls watched me…

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Cfnm Erotic Stories

Let me intoduce you brand new Cfnm Blog from creators of Original Cfnm Blog the fullest niche related siteĀ onlineĀ - Cfnm Erotic Stories. It will be about Cfnm and it will be about Erotic Stories. For those of you who are new to Cfnm, this abbreviation stands for Clothed Females Naked Males. And there is a lot of material devoted to nude men with a fetish of submission and dressed women who enjoy to dominate them.

But while there are many Cfnm related episodes, there are not many stories written about it. And a story is a necessary part of every scenarios. You understand what I’m talking about if you are into it.

Cfnm Stories blog will try to close this space and regularly supply you with new erotic stories to stimulate your Cfnm fantasies and others…

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